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Brandon Wallace is a versatile musician and flute maker. He is Luiseño and an enrolled member in the San Luis Rey Band, one of San Diego County’s indigenous groups.
Brandon graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a biology major and music minor. He performed with the university’s Middle East Ensemble for four years playing a variety of instruments in the group’s concerts. After graduating, Brandon performed with a number of musicians and bands professionally playing music that ranged from Bluegrass to traditional Irish tunes to Middle Eastern music. He has an eclectic collection of musical instruments along with knowledge and appreciation for music across genres.
At a young age Brandon developed an interest in Native American flutes and began performing at cultural events. He continues to perform today, especially for elders, whenever requested. He is particularly interested in early Luiseño flutes. His interest in the kaval and ney came after he realized the many similarities between these instruments and the early Luiseño flutes. 
Brandon has done extensive research on flutes. His interests led him to begin making his own flutes and kavals. His background in plant biology led him to choose unique woods for his instruments. These exotic wood choices have been popular with professional musicians because of their unique appearance and rich tone. His woodworking skills, passed down to him from his grandfather and father serve him well as he crafts custom flutes for his customers. In 2019 Brandon traveled to Turkey to meet with master kaval makers.
A musician, flute maker, and music teacher, Brandon is also involved in native culture revitalization and preservation. Brandon lives in San Diego.

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